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If you are an artist/ arts educator, find out about how NAC supports quality arts experiences for students in Singapore and how you can be a part of these exciting developments through opportunities listed here. 


The National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) aims to provide all students with access to quality arts education programmes. Every year, the NAC-AEP makes available more than 1,000 arts programmes by over 300 artists and arts groups. Schools can utilise the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise purchases of any programmes endorsed under the NAC-AEP.

Artists and arts groups may submit applications for their arts education programmes to be part of the NAC-AEP once every two years. Approved programmes can be submitted under 3 categories – Arts Exposure, Arts Experience and Arts Excursion and will be made available for schools to purchase all-year round. 


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In addition, artists, arts groups and presenters may also apply for their ad-hoc ticketed public performances or exhibitions to be part of the Public Arts Programme, which is also eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy under NAC-AEP.


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The Artist-in-School Scheme supports extended collaborations of up to one year between schools and practising local artists and writers. These tailored arts education programmes are customised to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the school and students.


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Artist Tang Ling Nah working with students from Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)


The arts play an important role in offering young people at-risk an avenue for engagement, and an outlet for expression, growth and reflection. NAC supports collaborations between artists and counsellors/ social workers/ teachers from schools and VWOs to provide young people with access to the arts as a tool for positive youth development.


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The NAC Artist-SPED Partnership Programme supports efforts to promote the use of the arts as a pedagogical tool in Special Education schools so that the arts can become more deeply embedded as an integral and integrated part of the overall school experience. Artists and school teachers work closely together to co-develop and co-teach customised arts-based lessons that target the learning needs of students with different disabilities and address larger educational goals.


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In partnership with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and MOE, NAC has developed an Arts Education Programme (AEP) database for the pre-school sector, which is curated by representatives from the arts and early childhood education sectors.


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NAC has also partnered with ECDA to introduce the Artist-in-School Scheme for pre-schools. The pilot Pre-School AISS enables children to gain access to quality arts programmes conducted by professional arts instructors over a sustained period, and seeks to nurture positive attitudes towards learning in and through the arts.


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To ensure arts instructors are equipped with the skills to deliver engaging arts education programmes in schools, NAC works closely with various training institutions to provide training opportunities that enhance arts instructors’ professional and pedagogical skills.


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Arts instructors or artists keen to apply for funding to develop their pedagogical skills through other courses offered by organisations and institutions local and abroad may also apply for the NAC Capability Development Grant.


IMPORTANT:  With effect from 2017, All NAC-AEP Experience programme instructors are required to fulfill a minimum pedagogical qualification before being approved to conduct NAC-AEP programmes. For more information about this requirement, please click here