Children & Youth-At-Risk Partnership Programme


Please note that the application window for projects by schools commencing in 2018 is now closed. Thank you for your interest in this programme.


Applications by VWOs for school-based programmes are open all year-round and more details regarding this scheme are available below. 


The arts play an important role in offering young people at-risk an avenue for engagement, and an outlet for expression, growth and reflection. NAC supports collaborations between artists and counsellors/social workers/teachers (from schools and Voluntary Welfare Organizations) to provide young people with access to the arts as a tool for positive youth development.


Through customised programmes to meet the needs of young people at-risk, the transformative power of the arts can be activated to increase self-esteem, renew interest in learning and develop positive life skills (e.g. respect, perseverance, teamwork, etc).


Programmes are co-developed by artists and counsellors/teachers/social workers and offered to small groups of students (10 – 20 participants) during curriculum time or as an afterschool programme.


  • Forum Theatre Programme to address bullying and self-esteem issues in a Sec 2 NT class


  • Photography Programme to provide a voice for students to express themselves and create photo stories, which enabled social workers and teachers to better understand them.


  • Percussion Programme to encourage students to work together and learn respect for one another by listening and taking turns. 


  • Hip Hop Dance Programme for students without a conducive home environment, so as involve them in something constructive and meaningful, to reduce instances of loitering after school hours.

Using the Arts is an effective platform to engage youths at-risk. Such informal programmes give youths a change to stretch their minds, bodies and imaginations in a setting that is less structured, and conducive to informal mentoring relationships with social workers. With the help of the artist and social worker, youths build artistic skills while participating directly in the arts process. This approach is youth-centred. It emphasizes positive experiences that acknowledge their assets. Youths actively participate as resources, problem solvers and community builders, rather than simply being recipients of services.

Yasmeen Shariff, Programme Manager/Counsellor, LCCS


Depending on the profile of students and specific needs identified by the school/VWO, the Children & Youth At-Risk Partnership Programme supports programmes which:


  • Nurture character and values through the arts


  • Are at least 6 – 10 sessions long. Duration of 1.5hrs – 2hrs per session. Frequency: Once a week (recommended).


  • Provide at least 8hrs – 20hrs of contact time with the artist or arts instructor.


  • Involve working with a local artist or arts instructor who possesses the relevant art form expertise, pedagogical experience as well as experience in working with students at-risk. This must be clearly demonstrated in the artist CV when submitting the grant application form.


  • Involve a school counsellor, teacher or social/youth worker to assist the artist in the managing the group during the programme. The school counsellor, teacher or social/youth worker is encouraged to do debrief and reflection together with the students to help process their learning and to follow-up after the artist leaves the programme.


There are two tracks under the Children & Youth-At-Risk Partnership Programme.


Track Partners Applicant Funding Quantum Annual Funding Cap
A Artist + School School 70% of qualifying costs $5,000 per school
B Artist + School + VWO Either School or VWO 90% of qualifying costs*

$10,000 per school

*Costs for engaging the VWO are not included as part of qualifying costs 


Please note:


  • Schools/VWOs may choose to submit multiple applications, but will be subjected to the annual funding cap per school.


  • Schools/VWOs will need to co-pay the remaining programme cost and cannot tap on the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the remaining costs not covered by the grant from NAC. 


The grant is open to all Primary and Secondary Schools and ITE Regional Campuses. 


The grant is also open to VWOs that are involved in school-based programmes held within school premises. 



Please complete the Application Form and submit the completed form together with other relevant supporting documents to before the stipulated deadline.


If you require recommendations for artists, please fill up Annex A (Questionnaire) and send it to us. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any clarifications prior to the application as well. 


For Primary and Secondary Schools & ITEs:


For projects commencing in


Term 2

(March 2018 onwards)

31 January 2018

Terms 3 – 4 2018

(June 2018 onwards)

4 May 2018










*You will be notified via email on your school's grant application status within 1 month of the submission deadline.


Important Note:


If the programme cost is above $6,000, schools are required to call for an ITQ in compliance with financial procedures set out by the Ministry of Finance.


For VWOs doing school-based programmes:


Applications are open all year-round starting from April 2018. Applications must be submitted at least 1 month before the intended date of project commencement.


VWOs involved in multiple school-based programmes may contact to explore partnership opportunities. 



To better support artists and educators in planning and delivering arts programmes that encourage values and character development, we have developed a resource guide in consultation with various partners. 



Interested Artists / Arts Educators who wish to be considered for this programme should email and with your CV.