Arts and Culture Presentation Grant


The Arts and Culture Presentation Grant (ACPG) supports school groups in staging performances, exhibitions, or producing literary publications for public audiences. Administered by the National Arts Council, the ACPG creates more opportunities for youths to have a deeper engagement with arts, heritage and cultural activities by showcasing their work to the public.


We hope that such an experience will motivate students to nurture their interests and talents beyond school and encourage them to see themselves as part of a wider arts and culture community. 



The ACPG can be used to support presentations such as (but not limited to) a play, musical, dance production, exhibition, concert or literary arts event (e.g. poetry reading) at a public performing space, gallery, concert hall, park, library, community centre, museum, etc. Literary projects for public audiences (e.g. a collection of prose and poetry published for public distribution, or a poetry recital or public reading at a bookstore or library in conjunction with the literary publication) are also supported by the grant. This includes digital presentations or e-books.


The grant is open to all Primary and Secondary schools as well as JCs / CI, ITEs and SPED schools. Priority will be given to schools and projects where students are presenting their works for the first time to the public or have had limited opportunities to do so.


Please note that commemorative school events (e.g. Speech Days, yearbooks, anniversary concerts and publications, festive celebrations, open houses) and activities of a religious or fundraising nature are not eligible for the grant.


Applications for projects commencing in 2018 are now closed. 



A total of 131 presentations across various local educational institutions were supported by the ACPG to put on performances and showcases ranging from musicals and dance recitals to visual art exhibitions and literary publications ever since 2013.


Among the students of participating schools, more than 90% had expressed interest in continuing to pursue the arts after the ACPG experience. Beyond honing the artistic skills of students, many of the schools surveyed also commented that the presentations helped to strengthen bonds amongst students, and built confidence in their students.

Tampines Junior College's ACPG project

On 6th May 2016, Tampines Junior College (TPJC) staged their multi-disciplinary concert together with the elderly from the Evergreen Circle and clients from the Institute of Mental Health. Fiona Heng, a guitarist from the Guitar Ensemble from TPJC shares her experience working with the community. 

ACPG Project by Tampines Junior College


Panaroma 2016


Working with the elderly from Evergreen Circle was a very meaningful experience for TPJC guitarists. We visited them several times to rehearse our songs and also to interact with them. Even though they had never sung with live musical accompaniment, they learnt quickly and were not daunted by the initial difficulties they faced. They continually asked questions in a bid to improve their performance and were determined to get their parts right.


I was genuinely inspired by the passion these elderly members have for music, and their tenacity in learning new things despite their age. They were very approachable and eager to get started with the practice every time we saw them, which in turn, motivated us to do better than we had done before.


It brought much joy and satisfaction to us when we saw how excited they were on the day of the performance, and how they enjoyed themselves. From this experience, we learned that it is important to always ask questions when learning new things, and to be patient with ourselves. On the whole, it was an enriching experience for both the guitarists and the elderly. 


<Contributed by Fiona Heng, Class 15S13, Guitarist from TPJC Guitar Ensemble> 


Siglap Secondary School's ACPG project



ACPG Project by Siglap Secondary School


The Siglap Great Wall Project was designed to creatively capture the school’s rich history and increase awareness of the school’s legacy amongst students and the community, further enriching its 60 years of history while commemorating Singapore’s 50th Birthday.


In collaboration with The Band of Doodlers, a collective of artists with a passion for illustration, the school aimed to promote the love of drawing amongst all her Secondary One students, stakeholders and members of the public.  As the collective championed inclusivity through accessible art forms, students were encouraged to draw freely to express their hopes and dreams.


Through the collaboration, participants first experienced a creative art workshop that both nurtured their interest in art and taught them to value teamwork. They were subsequently able to paint alongside the professionals, who encouraged them to paint on the walls regardless of their’ own perceived drawing abilities. The mural then culminated in the school’s SG50 celebrations where members of the public were also invited to paint part of the wall. The school encouraged students to explain their work to the public and guide members of the public to draw on the wall as well.


The founder of The Band of Doodlers, Mas Shafreen, shared that the workshop sessions were designed for students to value co-creation and appreciate others. The sessions were all in line with the Band of Doodlers’ mantra of presenting art by the community, for the community. The students, equipped with new-found skills, were more confident in facilitating others to contribute to the mural.


All the participants in the project expressed that the final artwork was not simply a montage of doodles. Through the process of art-making as a team, it now carried greater meaning and emotional connections to the school, and the community.

ACPG Project by St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School


Launch of Metaphorically


On the 31st of August, St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School commemorated the launch of her SG50 publication, Metaphorically. Staff members, students, and guests came together to celebrate this event in the school's newly refurbished Heritage Gallery.


The book represents the school's values of compassion, other-centredness, responsible individuality, resilience, and an inquiring mind. The book is a multi-lingual publication which represents the diverse cultures of the Canossian family. Having my poem published in the book was a great honour as I was able to represent my school and its values through my contribution. My poem entitled 'Girls' aimed to empower girls and invoke the quality of passion for life which is one of the school's values.


The Canossian spirit came to live when teachers and students who had contributed to the publication shared pieces that they had contributed. Hosting the event was truly a heart-warming and unforgettable experience. 


<Contributed by Kristen Oliverio, (Class 3/8) Head Girl 2015-2016> 

St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School's ACPG project

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