Artist-in-School Scheme


The Artist-In-School Scheme (AISS) supports sustained partnerships between Singapore arts professionals^ and schools, to co-develop customised arts experiences that deepen students’ engagement in and through the arts.

The AISS offers an expanded scope to enable schools to co-design a range of meaningful arts experiences that focus on working with arts professionals^ to achieve any of the following objectives:

  • Deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of various art forms
  • Develop students’ awareness, skills and understanding of the non-performative aspects of the arts (e.g. choreography, lighting & sound design, arts criticism etc.)
  • Support broader educational outcomes by using the arts as a tool / methodology (e.g. Addressing the needs of at-risk children & youth through the Arts; Teaching Character and Citizenship Education through the Arts)


*NEW* From 2021, digital and blended modes of learning will be supported through the AISS. Do indicate clearly in your proposal if you plan to use these teaching methods.


To facilitate deep engagement, a minimum of 10-hours of artist-student interaction is recommended.

Schools may include a teacher-training component as part of the programme, on condition that the number of hours designated for teacher-training does not exceed the number of hours of artist-student interaction.


Schools may also include a presentation / showcase component as a culmination of their AISS project. Please note that stand-alone presentations / showcases will not be supported.

^ Arts professionals refer to artists (e.g. musicians, dancers, writers, sculptors etc.) and other professionals (e.g. art critics, light/sound designers etc.) with a practice in the arts industry.




Artist Tang Ling Nah working with students from Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

For example, the AISS created the opportunity for students to learn drawing from professional artist Tang Ling Nah as part of the school’s General Art Programme at Raffles Girls School (Secondary). In addition, the artist worked with the Special Art Programme and Art & Craft Club students to create a site-specific art installation in the school.

Students from Teck Whye Secondary School at their showcase at the end of the AISS project

In 2015, Teck Whye Secondary School wanted to expand their broad-based arts programme beyond the General Art & Music programme and assembly programme line-up, allowing all students to have the chance to experience the arts in an exciting manner. Since then, through the AISS, the school has collaborated with O School to develop a structured hip-hop dance programme for all their Secondary 2 students. The students picked up foundational dance techniques and simple choreography skills over one semester, culminating into class-based assembly showcases that celebrated their successes in this dance journey. 


Application Cycle for 2021 AISS Projects:


School Type

Application Cycle*

For Primary & Secondary Schools, JCs, Centralised Institute & ITE Colleges

Apply by 6 November 2020, 5pm
for programmes beginning after 11 January 2021


Application Details for Mainstream Schools


Applicants should:

1) download and familiarise themselves with the AISS Guidelines;

2) download the Annex A Template and fill in the details; and

3) complete the Online Application Form.


Applicants are advised to complete the Online Application Form in one sitting as input will not be autosaved. Do note that completion of the online form and Annex A will take approximately 40 minutes.


Conversations with the artist are necessary prior to filling in the template, as selected portions are to be crafted collaboratively.

Post-Project Report 

All schools are required to submit a post-project report no later than 8 weeks after the project’s completion, along with at least two photographs of the sessions.





Please access the online form at this link.


For further queries on this scheme for MOE schools and ITE Regional Campuses, please email Muriel Manning or Bevin Ng.


For further queries on this scheme for SPED Schools, please email Terrena Tan.