Artist-in-School Scheme

The Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS) supports collaborations between schools and practising Singaporean artists and writers, to co-develop customised arts education programmes in the Visual, Performing and Literary art forms to meet the specific needs of the school and students.


We hope that the AISS can:


  • Deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of various art forms and genres through meaningful and enriching arts education experiences with a practising artist; and


  • Help to seed partnerships between schools and practising artists/ writers to augment the school’s arts programme

Artist Tang Ling Nah working with students from Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

For example, the AISS created the opportunity for students to learn drawing from professional artist Tang Ling Nah as part of the school’s General Art Programme at Raffles Girls School (Secondary). In addition, the artist worked with the Special Art Programme and Art & Craft Club students to create a site-specific art installation in the school.

Students from Teck Whye Secondary School at their showcase at the end of the AISS project

In 2015, Teck Whye Secondary School wanted to expand their broad-based arts programme beyond the General Art & Music programme and assembly programme line-up, allowing all students to have the chance to experience the arts in an exciting manner. Since then, through the AISS, the school has collaborated with O School to develop a structured hip-hop dance programme for all their Secondary 2 students. The students picked up foundational dance techniques and simple choreography skills over one semester, culminating into class-based assembly showcases that celebrated their successes in this dance journey. 


Depending on the specific learning needs identified by the schools, the AISS supports projects that address students’ learning in the following manners:


  • At a broad-based level (e.g. a cohort of students)  


  • At a targeted level (e.g. a group of students in a programme/ subject specialisation)



AISS projects should:


  • Demonstrate clear alignment with the school’s arts education plans


  • Engage students to develop a deeper understanding of the art form, including a critical appreciation of the art form


  • Involve working with a local practising artist/ writer who possesses the relevant art form expertise, pedagogical experience, as well as industry experience


  • Provide at least 10 - 15 contact hours for the same group of students


  • Actively involve the school teacher(s), where relevant


School Type Funding Quantum Annual Funding Cap

Primary and Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Centralised Institute & ITE Regional Campuses 

Up to 50% of the qualifying cost  $10,000 per school per calendar year 
Special Education School

Up to 90% of the qualifying cost 

$20,000 per school per calendar year 


The grant amount awarded will be based on the merit of the application submitted.


Schools may choose to submit multiple project applications, but will be subjected to the annual funding cap per school.


For successful project applications, schools can tap on the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise part of the remaining AISS project costs not covered by the grant from NAC. 



  • The grant is open to all Primary and Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Centralised Institute, ITE Regional Campuses and Special Education schools. Priority will be given to schools that demonstrate a trend of high utilisation of the Tote Board Arts Grant, if applicable.


  • With the exception of SPED schools, schools are eligible to apply for the AISS grant for up to a maximum of 3 consecutive calendar years.



Please note that the application window for projects commencing in 2018 is now closed. Thank you for your interest in the Artist In School Scheme. 


Please complete the Application Form, and submit the completed form, together other relevant supporting documents to before the stipulated deadline. 


For Primary & Secondary Schools, JCs & Centralised Institutes:


  Application Deadline
For projects commencing in Semester 1 2018 3 November 2017
For projects commencing in Semester 2 2018 4 May 2018


For ITE Regional Campuses & Special Education Schools


ITE Regional Campuses and Special Education Schools can submit their applications all year round.


Please note that applications must be submitted at least 1 month before the intended date of project commencement.




If the project cost is above S$6,000, schools are required to call for an ITQ, in compliance with financial procedures set out by the Ministry of Finance. This is not applicable to SPED Schools.


If you have any clarifications prior to the application, please feel free to get in touch with us.



For further queries on this scheme for MOE schools and ITE Regional Campuses, please email Jason Ang at


For further queries on this scheme for SPED Schools, please email Liu Yonglun at