Past Initiatives


The National Arts Education Award (NAEA), a biennial national arts award for Ministry of Education (MOE) schools, was initiated in 2003 to advocate for robust and holistic arts education for all students and provide schools with a framework to guide the development of good arts practices and programmes.


From 2003 – 2015, 222 schools had participated in the NAEA, spanning across primary, secondary, Integrated Programme (IP) schools, and junior colleges.


In line with MOE’s shift away from awards for schools and how the arts education landscape has matured over the years, the NAEA will not be offered from 2017. The NAC remains committed, however, to working in close partnership with the MOE to provide schools with a variety of grants, programmes and consultancy opportunities to support a rich arts experience for all students. 

THE NAEA FRAMEWORK - An Arts Education Planning Guide

Schools may continue to use the existing framework, which was developed in collaboration with the Arts Education Branch, Ministry of Education (MOE), to guide them in developing their arts practices and programmes as part of an all-round education. 


There were three award categories, Spark, Glow and Blaze, to recognise schools at different stages of arts education development. Each award category had its own merit and was recognised as an important level of development.


Schools who received the Blaze award were recognised for their efforts in championing the arts and being role models for other schools. Schools who received the Glow Award demonstrated holistic planning and sound processes in arts education, while those who received the Spark award took proactive steps to build a vibrant arts culture in their schools.


For NAEA 2015 school awardees, the validity of the award will be until November 2019. 

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