Extension of the 2019-2021 NAC-AEP cycle

Extension of the 2019-2021 NAC-AEP cycle

NAC has taken 2019-2020 to review the NAC-AEP in response to emerging needs, including those resulting from COVID-19.


To provide stability in 2021 for all stakeholders involved during this period of uncertainty, and to support NAC-AEP providers in their continued effort to digitalise programmes, all existing programmes in the 2019-2021 NAC-AEP directory will be extended for an additional year to 2022. NAC-AEP providers may continue to digitalise their existing programmes by submitting change requests via the AEP portal. Applications for Public Arts Programmes (priority for digital formats) can continue to be submitted as per the current arrangement.


Applications for the new cycle (2023-2024) will open in the first quarter of 2022.


For further clarifications, please contact the Education Unit at