O School Urban Dance Teaching and Learning Course

Urban Dance Teaching and Learning



This programme will provide participants with foundational concepts and knowledge in the teaching and learning of Urban Dance for Children and Young People. The programme is designed with reference to the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning (Children and Young People) by Trinity College, London.


The course will cover 4 main areas:

  • Psychology of Learning
  • Process of Dance Teaching
  • Anatomy of a Dance Programme
  • Assessment and Evaluation


The course includes an opportunity for participants to design and scope a dance programme to be evaluated by the trainers and industry practicing veterans.



The full cost of training is $967.00 inclusive of GST. 


To encourage participation and a culture of continuous skills upgrading, arts instructors who meet the following criteria will pay only $96.70 per person after a 90% course fee *subsidy:


  • Art-form qualified/recognised as an urban dance instructors in the industry
  • Possess at least 2 years of relevant teaching experience (e.g. CCA instructor, NAC AEP instructors, etc)


Non-AEP registered applicants are entitled to a **discount of $467.00 and will pay only $500.00. All payment can be made by Cash, Nets or SkillsFuture Credits. Course fees is inclusive of course materials.


*Subsidy will be given to the first 20 AEP registered applicant for each programme
**Discount will be given to the first 10 non-AEP registered applicant for each programme.



Registration for this course is now closed. Please check back regularly for more updates on the next run of the programme. 


Please note that the O School Urban Dance Teaching and Learning course satisfies the minimum pedagogical requirement for NAC-AEP Dance instructors wishing to conduct NAC-AEP Experience workshop programmes from 2017 onwards. It is NOT compulsory to attend the pedagogy training courses if you are not an approved instructor under the NAC-AEP.


If you already possess a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience or other relevant pedagogical qualifications necessary for exemption from EM, please refer here for more information about the relevant verification processes.