SDEA Drama Pedagogy Course


This is a course specialising in Drama Pedagogy that provides participants with fundamental pedagogical knowledge and skills to help them create meaningful and imaginative learning experiences for their students with drama. The course results in a Certificate of Completion recognised by the National Arts Council and is the only part-time drama pedagogical course for professionals in Singapore.



Course Objectives:

  • Develop greater awareness of the role and impact of a drama educator in the Singapore context
  • Understand the creative potential of drama-based pedagogies that aim to foster students’ curiosity, empathy and criticality
  • Understand key components of lesson planning and acquire skills in planning developmentally appropriate drama lesson for target group
  • Manage resources and the physical environment as part of classroom management



Minimum Requirements:

  • The course is suitable for educators with at least 2 years of minimum classroom experience. 



Course Schedule:

The 4th intake of the course will run from 18 February to 23 March 2019. The full course module outline and course schedule details including dates and times details can be found on the SDEA website here. 



The full cost of training is $1016.50 inclusive of admin and registration fee. 


Arts instructors who meet the following criteria may enjoy a 50% course fee subsidy (paying $508.25 per person):

  • At least two years of teaching experience in schools 
  • Proficient in English language AND
  • Are Approved to conduct programmes under the NAC-AEP 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 OR
  • Have Conducted NAC supported programmes



  • Arts instructors who do not meet the criteria and but are members of SDEA will enjoy a 20% course fee subsidy. He or she will pay only $813.20 after the course fee subsidy, inclusive of admin and registration fees. Applicants can apply to be an SDEA member here.


  • SkillsFuture Credit Eligibility: Singaporeans above 25 years old who are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit can apply for a claim for this course at the SkillsFuture Course Directory here. Applications who request for school e-billing will not be eligible for Skills Future Credit. 


  • SDEA Tina Sergeant Professional Development Initiative (TSPDI): You may apply for TSPDI here if you are not eligible for NAC-AEP subsidy and you meet the application criteria for TSPDI.



Applicants must attain a full 100% attendance in the course and be certified competent in order to be eligible for the funding. Failing which the individual is liable to forfeit the subsidy and bear the full course fee. Applicants must attend all classes and there will be no replacement or refund for missed classes. 



Thank you for your interest in the SDEA Drama Pedagogy Course. 


Registration is closed and more details of future course runs will be announced at a later date. 


For course enquiries, please contact SDEA directly.


The SDEA Drama Pedagogy Course satisfies the minimum pedagogical requirement for Theatre instructors wishing to conduct NAC-AEP Experience programmes. from 2017 onwards. It is NOT compulsory to attend NAC-supported pedagogy training courses if you are not involved in NAC-AEP.