LASALLE Dance Pedagogy Essential Learning Module

LASALLE College of the Arts Dance Pedagogy - Essential Learning Module


To equip dance instructors with key ideas to the art and science of teaching dance, the NAC has partnered with LASALLE College of the Arts to deliver a 40-hour art form pedagogical course specifically for dance instructors to equip the participants with principles and concepts that are applicable to a wide spectrum of dance genres. The course covers these topics:


a)      Goal Setting for Teaching and Learning

b)      Course Planning

c)       Summative Assessment

d)      Individual Lesson Plan

e)      Formative Assessment and Evidence

f)        Practice Teaching

g)      Exercise Physiology

h)      Safe Learning Environment and Injury Prevention

i)        Creating a Motivational Climate  (Language in the Studio)

j)        Styles of Learning

k)       Student Profiles

l)        Classroom Management

m)     Space Organisation and Teaching Styles

n)      Contribution of sound in the classroom: What music works for which steps

o)      Voice in class to activate students

p)      Live Instrument

q)      Exercise/ Movement Modification and Conditioning

r)       Practice Teaching

s)      Further Teaching Artist Applications




Course Dates


LASALLE College of the Arts

1 McNally Street

Singapore 187940

Mon 9 Apr – Fri 20 Apr 2018

9:00am – 1:00pm

(Note: On 20 Apr 2018, class will be from 3:00pm – 7:00pm)


Course Fees:

The full cost of training is $984.40 (includes GST).

Participants aged 25 and above can also utilise their SkillsFuture credits (SFC) to defray the unsubsidised course fees. 



This programme is offered to all Arts instructors conducting arts programme with a minimum education of GCE ‘O’ Level or GCSE/IGCSE or Singapore Integrated Programme or Higher NITEC or NITEC Certificate.




Participants should be engaged in working with schools’ experience of at least 1 year or as a practitioner in the certain art forms for 4 years, at the time of taking of the programme.


Please note:

The LASALLE Dance Pedagogy Essential Learning Module satisfies the minimum pedagogical requirement for NAC-AEP Dance instructors wishing to conduct NAC-AEP Experience workshop programmes from 2017 onwards. It is NOT compulsory to attend the pedagogy training courses if you are not an approved instructor under the NAC-AEP.


If you already possess a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience or other relevant pedagogical qualifications necessary for exemption from EM, please refer here for more information about the relevant verification processes. 



Registration is now closed for April 2018.


For more information on applying, please refer to the course webpage here.