NIEI Essentials of Teaching and Learning Module (EM)

Essentials of Teaching and Learning


The National Arts Council (NAC) has partnered with the National Institute of Education International (NIEI) to deliver a 40-hour pedagogical course for arts instructors to enrich their effectiveness as classroom practitioners. Since 2012, more than 580 for artists and arts instructors have taken up this course and provided positive feedback.


The course aims to introduce participants to:

  • Key ideas of effective teaching and learning
  • Competencies of an effective teacher
  • Processes of effective lesson planning and the development of teaching materials
  • Ideas for designing engaging lessons and learning tasks


The course covers four broad areas:

  1. Basic Principles on the Psychology of Learning
  2. Principles of Effective Teaching
  3. Lesson planning and components of a lesson plan
  4. Assessment and Evaluation


For more information, please refer to the NIEI webpage here.



40-Hour Essentials of Teaching & Learning Module 
Course Dates for 2020 Register by
May/June 2020 - Details to be announced soon To be confirmed


Dates may be subject to changes. 


The full cost of training is $984.40, inclusive of GST. 


Arts instructors who meet the following criteria may enjoy a 50% course fee subsidy (paying $492.20 per person):

  • Are Approved to conduct programmes under the NAC-AEP 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 OR
  • Have Conducted NAC Education programmes


Participants aged 25 and above can also utilise their SkillsFuture credits to defray the unsubsidised course fees. 


For more information on the NAC-AEP scheme, please refer here


Thank you for your interest in EM 2019.

Registration has closed for the year and more details of future course runs will be available online in 2020.


Please note that the Essentials of Teaching and Teaching Module (EM) satisfies the minimum pedagogical requirement for NAC-AEP instructors wishing to conduct NAC-AEP Experience workshop programmes from 2017 onwards. It is NOT compulsory to attend the pedagogy training courses if you are not intending to register to teach for NAC AEP programmes. This course serves as an introduction course to artists who are keen to work in the arts education sector.

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