An Introduction to Safe Dance Practice in MOE Schools


MOE and NAC values the importance of safe dance practice. It is of utmost importance that Dance Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) instructors acquire the essential knowledge and skills of safe dance practice so that they can adopt sound training approaches to help students build dance skills progressively, with minimal risk of injury.


In view of this emphasis, MOE, in partnership with the NAC, has appointed Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to mount a mandatory baseline training course, “An Introduction to Safe Dance Practice in MOE Schools” for all Dance CCA instructors in schools. This introductory course aims to equip these instructors with basic working knowledge and skills, to ensure students’ well-being and optimal learning. 


With effect from 1 February 2021, all sessions of “An Introduction to Safe Dance Practice in MOE Schools” will be conducted online, replacing all face-to-face classes.




All Dance CCA instructors who are currently working in MOE schools, and new Dance CCA instructors who plan to apply to be an MOE-registered instructor with a specialisation in Dance must attend and pass this course.



Course Schedule:


MOE and NAC worked in partnership with NAFA to re-design the course to an online version so that training can continue uninterrupted. With online training, instructors can continue to attend this course safely, and more training placements can be made available to ensure instructors complete the course in a timely manner.

Starting February 2021, courses will also be conducted more frequently; with at least 2 course runs offered monthly (subject to minimum number of registered participants). Please refer to NAFA's website for further updates on release of new course dates.


Course Fees:

The full cost of training is $250 (excluding GST). There are various subsidies are available, please refer to NAFA's website for more information.



Dance CCA instructors who have completed the following courses can request for exemption:

1.            O School - Urban Dance Teaching and Learning Programme

2.            LASALLE - Dance Pedagogy: Essential Learning Module

3.            NAFA - Dance Diploma students graduating from 2019

4.            NAFA – An Essential Understanding of Safe Dance Practice (Pilot Course)


To request for an official exemption letter, please submit your name, NRIC number and a scanned copy of your Certificate/Transcript for any of the above courses to NAFA's Centre for Lifelong Learning at


Even if you may have attended other dance safety related course previously, this course is focused on enabling Dance CCA instructors to design a programme that is safe for students, taking into consideration the school context and students’ developmental needs (i.e. the emphasis of this course is on teaching dance safely rather than practising dance safely).



For more information on the course schedule, course fees and registration matters, please refer to the attached FAQs or the NAFA's website


For any other information on CCA and MOE Instructor Registration matters, please write in to