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Visual Arts

Programme ID: AEP0618246

I Can Do Batik ! Lower and Upper Secondary


The student will learn and understand and appreciate the art of batik and its techniques with its history and local artists. •This programme allow students to be exposed and experience the process of traditional batik and application of other techniques (from traditional to contemporary


Create their own artwork using Elements and Principles of Art and Design •The students will create their Batik Cloth Artwork using Tjanting and Brush to apply Hot Wax; with safe and appropriate application. •Students will be introduced to Basic , Intermediate and Advance Batik Techniques and Fabric Dyes application. •Included in this programme is the introduction to Colour theory and Colour Schemes. •Traditional And Contemporary method, blending and toning and layering techniques. •Introduction to different types of Resists And Dyes used during past and present


Art room or Classroom with Sink

Sec - Lower / Sec - Upper / JC/CI / ITE


1 instructor and 1 assistant

4 to 8 Session(s)
1 hr to 1.5 hrs per Session

25 to up to 40 students

Microphone / PA system / Visualizer

- COST -

$7 to $15 per Hour

Cost per student per hour = $7 to $15
Customised to school's need

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the programme cost. There is a subsidy of up to 50% of the programme cost for mainstream schools, and up to 70% of the programme cost for Special Education Schools.
The Tote Board Arts Grant is not applicable to pre-schools. NAC partners selected pre-school centres to receive funding to purchase Pre-School AEP.

The following programme is approved under NAC-AEP 2019-2021 until 31 December 2021.


- Amruthaa Kalaiselvan -

Amruthaa D/O Kalaiselvan