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Programme ID: AEP0617045

Community Batik


Community Batik is a highly engaging group activity. It is a fun introduction to the art and craft of batik for everyone to have fun while discovering our South East Asean cultural heritage and to create a collective work of art. It is popular at public events and appropriate for corporate team-building sessions.

Ideal for cultural learning events and activity for foreign exchange students.

Instructors will set-up on-site, the length and duration can vary according to the your requirements. Artist instructors will talk through the process and answer questions raised. The artwork will be completed collectively and installed for permanent display in the school.

This video links should give you a better picture of community batik engagement.

Read more about it at:

Minimum engagement is for 4m x 3hrs = $900. The price is based on $75 per metre/hour for varied specifications.
Cost include removal of wax and colour fixing.

Additional services (Optional)Sewing and mounting of artwork = $75 p/meter length. (width is 80cm)


1. Understand the traditional way of making batik
2. Safe experience of creating a traditional batik painting.
3. Foster good teamwork i.e. the ‘gotong-royong’ spirit
4. Accomplishment in creating a large batik piece collectively.


Common area or classroom

Pri - Lower / Pri - Upper / Sec - Lower / Sec - Upper / JC/CI / ITE / Special Education School

English / Mandarin / Malay


1 Session(s)
3 hours per Session



- COST -

NA per Hour

$900 (No GST), All equipments and materials provided. Standard size is 4 meter long cloth x 90cm width for 3-hours engagement + washing. Additional options for bigger size, duration and installations.

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the programme cost. There is a subsidy of up to 50% of the programme cost for mainstream schools, and up to 70% of the programme cost for Special Education Schools.
The Tote Board Arts Grant is not applicable to pre-schools. NAC partners selected pre-school centres to receive funding to purchase Pre-School AEP.

The following programme is approved under NAC-AEP 2017/2018 until 31 December 2018.


- Kamal Arts Ltd -

Kamal Dollah (Mr.)