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Visual Arts

Programme ID: AEP0619463

Graffiti Street Art

Digital Format Available



This programme is now adapted to:

1. A 2-hour introductory class at $20 per student.

2. Allow students to learn through an online link to watch in the classrooms/during homebased learning or

3. Allow students to learn through a Live broadcast in the classrooms/during homebased learning.

Note: Materials will not be provided for the digital format of the programme.

Graffiti art is rapidly growing trend among youths worldwide influencing contemporary fashion and mass communication. Done responsibly it is not a criminal act of vandalism but a work of art.

This is more than just a lesson in art, it is an exposure to the current global art trend. Our skilled artist (writers) will give a run down on the history, style and genres of graffiti art covering topics such as history, iconography, cartooning, stenciling, style writing and aerosol spray-painting techniques.

Learn the jargons and actually ‘bomb’ and 'tag' a 'piece' using actual aerosol spray paint on large panels or walls. The final product will be a mural done collectively by the students to brighten up the school environment.

Online version is a 2-hours introduction. Student can follow the online class with basic art materials available in school or at home.


LO1. By the end of theory lesson, participants could relate to the origin of graffiti art, is able to identify the different genres of graffiti, familiar with street jargons and be civic conscious to differentiate vandalism from art. Able to name a few famous artwork by local and international ‘writers’.

LO2. The spraying session will equip participants with spray control skills such as dots, shades and lines. They will be able to trace the step-by-step process of spraying a piece from concept, design, fill-in, outline, higlights etc.

LO3. The final project will develop camaraderie thru teamwork and planning. Experiential learning will improve participants’ design and spray control.


Art room and outdoor

Sec - Lower / Sec - Upper / JC/CI / ITE



4 sessions (customizable) Session(s)
2 hrs (customizable) per Session

Minimum: 20 Maximum: 40


- COST -

$15 per Hour

$120 per student (No GST), All materials will be provided

$20 per student for online version (2 hours only).

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the programme cost. There is a subsidy of up to 50% of the programme cost for mainstream schools, and up to 70% of the programme cost for Special Education Schools.
The Tote Board Arts Grant is not applicable to pre-schools. NAC partners selected pre-school centres to receive funding to purchase Pre-School AEP.

The following programme is approved under NAC-AEP 2019-2022 until 31 December 2022.


- Kamal Arts Ltd -

Mr. Kamal Dollah