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Programme ID: AEP0618972

Art of Batik Painting (Sec)


Batik is a traditional textile technique adapted for
painting by artists in the pioneer years and
became a popular medium for artistic expression.
These batik paintings can be found in our
national gallery collection as testament of our
rich cultural heritage.
Kamal Arts Ltd is a resource facility for batik
painting. Our workshops are safe and systematic
introduction to the art of traditional batik painting
using specially designed learner-centric methods
and materials.
Students will be guided through the many
processes of batik painting, experience it step-
by-step including how to use the Tjanting, a
traditional tool for drawing with wax. They will be
working on actual cloth and painting with dye to
make an authentic batik painting.
Extended program will cover bigger painting,
more dyeing techniques and how to make fabrics


1. Appreciation of batik as a cultural heritage;
Identify different types of batik i.e. tulis, tjap,
2. Apply safe practices and systematic
procedure in art-making.
3. Experience the various processes in batik
making; waxing and painting with dye.
4. Process planning and designing outcomes
5. Awareness and appreciation of
distinguished batik art by local artists.


Art room

Sec - Lower / Sec - Upper

English / Malay


3 sessions (BASIC) or 6 sessions (EXTENDED) Session(s)
1 hr per Session

Minimum: 20 Maximum: 40


- COST -

$8 per Hour

$24 for 3 hrs (BASIC) or
$48 for 6 hrs (EXTENDED)
All equipments and materials will be provided.

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise the programme cost. There is a subsidy of up to 50% of the programme cost for mainstream schools, and up to 70% of the programme cost for Special Education Schools.
The Tote Board Arts Grant is not applicable to pre-schools. NAC partners selected pre-school centres to receive funding to purchase Pre-School AEP.

The following programme is approved under NAC-AEP 2019/2020 until 31 December 2020.


- Kamal Arts Ltd -

Kamal Dollah (Mr)