For School Representatives



Programmes eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy are published in the both the NAC-AEP Directory and Public Arts Programme Directory as well as the calendar on the homepage.


  • Schools interested in purchasing these programmes are advised to obtain booking information directly from the artist/arts group.


  • When purchasing a programme, schools are also advised to request for the Letter of Eligibility (LOE) from the artist/arts group as the Letter is proof that the programme is eligible for the Arts Grant subsidy.


Please refer to the FAQ section for more details.


Primary and Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Centralised Institutes

  • From 2017, schools are free to customise existing approved programmes in consultation with artists and arts groups without having to submit a customisation request using the AEP Portal. 


  • Schools may customise existing programmes according to target participant needs (e.g. number of sessions, number of participations etc.) but should not commission new programmes or engage non-NAC-AEP approved instructors unless the arts group has been given special concession from NAC to do so. 


Special Education (SPED) Schools and ITE Regional Campuses

  • SPED Schools and ITE Regional Campuses have the freedom to approach any artist/arts group to craft a customised arts education programme that caters to specific needs of the target student profile. 


  • To do so, schools should submit all Customised Programme applications directly to NAC.Please download this application form, and send the completed form to with the email subject: NAC-AEP Customised Programme Application, at least 15 working days before programme commencement. 



For further queries on SPED and ITE Customised Programmes, please contact Mr. Liu Yonglun at

Selected Pre-School Centres

  • MY World, MFS and PCF Centres can approach their HQs if there is interest in purchasing Pre-School AEP for 2018. No online submissions are required from pre-schools.