About the Tote Board Arts Grant


The Tote Board Arts Grant was introduced in 1995 to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools, and promote arts appreciation among students.


Each year, the Singapore Totalisator (TOTE) Board provides an Arts Grant to all Primary & Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges & Centralised Institutes who have opted in for the Grant. Schools may use the grant to subsidise the purchase of programmes under National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS). 


All programmes approved under NAC-AEP are listed in the NAC-AEP Programme Directory and the Public Arts Programme Directory


For more information about Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS), please refer here.


School Type

Annual Grant Quantum* Percentage Cap

Primary and Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Centralised Institutes


 $15,000 Up to 50% of programme cost

ITE Regional Campuses


$70,000 Up to 50% of programme cost

Special Education Schools


$9,000 Up to 70% of programme cost 


*Schools should note that at least 60% of the annual Grant quantum should be used to subsidise the purchase of programmes by Singapore artists or arts groups.  A maximum of 40% of the annual Grant quantum can be used to subsidise the purchase of programmes by non-local arts groups.



The Tote Board Arts Grant is not applicable to pre-schools. For 2021, NAC has partnered with 5 Anchor Operators - E-Bridge Pre-School, MY World Preschool, My First Skool and PCF Sparkletots Preschool for selected centres to receive funding to purchase Pre-School AEP. Interested AOP centres should approach their HQ for queries.

For more information on Pre-School AEP, please refer to the section on Pre-School Initiatives



Schools that wish to use the Tote Board Arts Grant will need to be familiar with the guidelines on the utilisation of the Grant.


To utilise the Tote Board Arts Grant, schools are required to submit an opt-in form to the National Arts Council (NAC) during the opt-in exercise. The opt-in exercise is usually conducted at the end of the year through an emailer sent to all Principals, Vice-Principals and Admin Managers. The opt-in exercise for 2020 has ended. Please look out for 2021's opt-in exercise in Q4 2020.


For more information on Terms of the Tote Board Arts Grant, please refer to the Guidelines for Schools for 2020 below:

For further queries about the Tote Board Arts Grant, please contact Ms Joyce Sim at: